Rules to be followed by the Candidate

  •  Discipline & Punctuality is first & foremost requirement from the students. Every student is required to be punctual in training course at the stipulated time for lectures.
  •  Attendance will be taken & its record will be maintained of every lecture on theory demonstration & practical etc. 75% attendance is compulsory for attending exam in any discipline.
  •  Application for any leave or medical leave must be submitted to the Principal/Director well in advance. He/She should leave station only after obtaining permission.
  •  No association/society can be formed in the Institute by students. They must not take any part in any public agitation or demonstration.
  •  In fragments of rules & regulations breach of discipline will full damage of Institute properties misconduct or disobeying the legitimate orders of the Professors, Principal, Director by any student may make him/her liable to strict disciplinary action by the management which may be a fine/suspension of student till further notice. It may be expulsion from the Institute too.

Ragging Free Campus

Ragging is punishable offence. Our College campus is ragging free and all students enjoy healthy environment. Anti ragging squads comprising of faculty members non teaching staff and senior students have been formed to make surprise visits to very sensitive location within the campus and outside the campus.


The Faculty members at the institute for the various courses are highly qualified and experienced in their respective field. They are selected from different universities, business houses, professions and service for their expertise.